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 Kankuro's New Puppets

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PostSubject: Kankuro's New Puppets   Kankuro's New Puppets Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2007 4:24 pm

Name: Muukotsu
Style: Offense
Description: Muukotsu is a small puppet that looks similar to a large snake with arms sprouting all over its body. Each hand holds a small dagger that can cut through diamond.
Pros: Very fast, multiple attacks at once, slender (hard to hit)
Cons: Fairly easy to break, uses more chakra than his other puppets

Name: Kuuriya
Style: Defense/Offense
Description: Kuuriya is a large puppet shaped like an elephant without the ears. Its body is structured so it can take ten times more hits than his old puppet. It is almost impossible to break. Also, with its large body, it can deal a great amount of damage, but it is used mostly for defense.
Pros: Very large, almost impossible to break, hard to stop once it moves, shields from almost all jutsu
Cons: Slow-moving, hard to control

Name: Fuuriku
Style: Speed/Endurance
Description: Fuuriku is a medium-sized puppet looks very similar to Kankuro without the makeup. It is the fastest of the three puppets, and can take many hits. Its accuracy is great; therefore, its weapon of choice is kunai equipped with explosive tags.
Pros: Can endure many hits, faster than the other puppets, uses less chakra, has the ability to turn invisible for short periods of time
Cons: Not very strong

Kankuro's New Puppets Kakashi_Sign_by_Hybkihog4
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Kankuro's New Puppets
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