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 Sasuke's New Jutsu

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PostSubject: Sasuke's New Jutsu   Sasuke's New Jutsu Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 5:29 pm

Name: Hiryü Shöten Ha no Jutsu

Effect: A strange jutsu in which one must egg their opponent on forcing them to atack the user. But, the user must not attack or the jutsu ends before it can be used. The user must dodge the user while moving in an inward spiral. Once at the center of the spiral, the user must execute a "cold" uppercut. By "cold", the user must not have attacked or gotten angry while moveing in the spiral, this is needed to cause the upward tornado.

Downsides: Uses much in chakra, and the user cannot retaliate or get mad. Also, the user must move in a perfect inward spiral

Sasuke's New Jutsu Sasukeuchichuasigzz3
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Sasuke's New Jutsu
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