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PostSubject: Suigetsu   Suigetsu Icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2007 7:22 am

Name: Suigetsu


Jutsu: Suigetsu is able to reduce himself to liquid form and to return to bodily form at will. This ability also allows him to change his body shape, giving him the ability to increase the size of his limbs, proportionally increasing his strength, if necessary. It also makes striking him somewhat difficult; since he is made of liquid, any sufficiently powerful strike will go right through his watery form. Suigetsu is the first ninja seen carrying water bottles on his outfit. Given his somewhat frequent desire to consume water, Suigetsu may require regular hydration to sustain his watery form.

History: Suigetsu (水月, Suigetsu?) is a former experimental subject of Orochimaru. Suigetsu once trained to be one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, and as such has a number of traits consistent with other known members. In addition to having shark-like teeth, Suigetsu enjoys killing; Kisame Hoshigaki, one of the Seven Swordsmen, says he is a prodigy at the art of murder as Suigetsu has a habit of chopping off his victim's limbs before beheading them. He is also very confident in his abilities, since he has threatened Sasuke Uchiha on more than one occasion. After joining Snake, Sasuke takes Suigetsu to retrieve Zabuza Momochi's zanbatō from his graveside. Suigetsu can wield the weapon with relative ease, but traveling longer distances with the sword strapped onto his back tires him out rather quickly. In his allegiance with Sasuke, Suigetsu hopes to acquire the sword of Kisame as well, which Karin assumes to mean that he wants to collect all of the swords of the Seven Swordsmen.
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